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MOMS Club Board Members

2013-2014 Board Members


Erin VanderMeide

Erin is a mother of 3 adorable kids.  Her eldest daughter is entering 2nd grade, her middle son is starting kindergarten and her baby girl is still at home and ready for play dates.  My favorite part of being a SAHM is taking the time to slow down and see the world through my children's eyes.  I also love how different each child is, how different their interests are and how they all grow and develop at their own pace.

Administrative Vice President

Becky Takara

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Membership Vice President

Janet Phillips

I'm a mother of 2, my son turns 5 this fall and will be in part time preschool, my daughter is 2 and ready to play!  I love being a SAHM and getting to watch my kids grow and learn everyday!  I love watching them figure out how the world works and looking at the world through their eyes.


Laura Prins

Laura is a stay at home mom to two daughters, 3 years and 1 year old.  She recognizes that it is a blessing to stay home with her childrenvand is incredibly thankful to be at home with them each day.  She loves that she never has to miss a moment.