Harvest party - Club connection Oct 27

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MOMS Club of Hillsboro is having a harvest party on October 27th (2017) at Hillsboro library (community room downstairs,
2850 NE Brookwood Pkwy, Hillsboro 97124) from 2pm to 4pm.

This event is open to the public! Every moms and their kiddos are welcome to join and celebrate with us! We will have snacks, crafts and games.

Feel free to dress up for the event!

How MOMS Club can be a support? - Story 2

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How the MOMS Club of Hillsboro can be a support for you?
Here is the story of one of our members who joined us during her pregnancy (her daughter is now a toddler):

"When I moved to Oregon, my husband and I did not know anyone one here.

At the end of my pregnancy, I attended a club connection of the MOMS Club of Hillsboro and got to meet a lot of the members. The moms were so approachable and I felt like I could ask questions that I might not feel comfortable asking other people about labor, delivery, caring for a newborn, and how they were able to cope while undergoing such a major life transition. These women visited after my daughter was born, set up a meal train, and made me feel comfortable getting back out into a normal rhythm of life again with a new baby.

I knew that at the events and play dates I would go to, I would be around other women who could relate to the new joys and challenges I was experiencing in a non-judgmental way. I’ve been able to turn to them for advice on pediatricians, dentists, restaurants, and local community activities.

During the rainy season, I know that I will still be able to meet up with my Moms club friends and my daughter will get to see her friends at home play dates and other indoor places. During the good weather, I know we will be able to meet up at the park and have picnic get-togethers.

I’m so thankful to be a part of this community and I love that we get to learn about the different things everyone enjoys doing as hobbies or is passionate about and how that is incorporated in the club from science experiments and crafts to yoga and community service projects."

Bicentennial play ground completely fenced!

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Today, Bicentennial play ground is the only public park completely fenced in the Hillsboro/Beaverton area. We would like to send a big THANK YOU to one of our members who made it happened by working with the city of Hillsboro.

Want to know more details?
This mom (member of the MOMS Club of Hillsboro) randomly met an employee from Hillsboro parks & recreation that designs parks. She explained the need of fenced park within our city while she was running after her child. After exchanging contact information, our member sent several emails and set up meetings to explain her idea and how it could be implemented. The city of Hillsboro financed the project, but our member was determined to fund raise if it was necessary. She said that the entire process was "a lot easier than [she] thought it would be".

How MOMS Club can be a support? Story 1

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How MOMS Club of Hillsboro can be a support to other moms?

Here is the story of one of our members who lost her daughter:

"I joined MOMS Club of Hillsboro at the end of my first pregnancy. I just moved in Oregon, away from family and friends. I had a perfect pregnancy and a perfect first month with my sweet little girl. We thought that every thing was perfectly fine and our only issues were related to diapers and sleep. Unfortunately, when my daughter turned one month old, every thing changed. And for the next five months, my daughter's health was worse and worse every day until she passed away."

"I don't imagine living the worst period of my life without my MOMS Club. At one month old, my daughter had her first visit at the hospital. We discovered that she had a tiny brain, seizures and she will most likely be severely handicapped. After this first hospital visit, MOMS Club offered me a basket with chocolate, cakes, coloring book, a family photo session and one hour massage. The massage was welcome after spending an entire week sleeping at the hospital! The pictures taken from the family session are the only ones I will ever have with the three of us and I am so thankful to have this souvenir.
I spent a lot of time at the hospital during my daughter's life and I could always count on my MOMS Club to bring me a meal. Dinner was brought for an entire month at home and it was so helpful when we were dealing with all the health's issues, doctor's visits and our broken hearts.
At our last hospital visit, one of the children of our MOMS Club offered her favorite stuffed animal to my baby. I wished it would help, but life is cruel sometimes... When my daughter passed away, MOMS Club took care of the food and drinks for her memorial service, made Love rocks and offered me a necklace with her name on it that I always have on me.
Now I am pregnant with my second daughter and I can count on my good friends to ease my fears and come with me at my ultrasounds."

Calendar - September 2017

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Here are the activities that MOMS Club did in September:

Sept 1 - Zoo trip
Sept 5 - Backyard play
Sept 6 - Nature park
Sept 7 - Moms coffee time
Sept 8 - Leaf craft
Sept 13 - Mom's walk
Sept 14 - Nature craft
Sept 19 - Backyard play
Sept 20 - Preschool storytime
Sept 21 - Tie dye fun
Sept 22 - Apple picking
Sept 25 - Munchkin playland
Sept 26 - Park play
Sept 28 - Free yoga class
Sept 29 - Food truck Friday

Calendar - August 2017

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Here is what the August calendar looked like at the MOMS Club of Hillsboro:

Aug 4 - Splash pad
Aug 7- Park play
Aug 8 - Regal $1 movie then lunch
Aug 10 - Sand play at Orenco wood park
Aug 11 - Kids craft at Shute park library
Aug 15 - Backyard play
Aug 16 - Kids walk at Noble wood park
Aug 17 - Nature walk at Hamby park
Aug 22 - MOMS Club at the Tuesday farmer market
Aug 23 - Westmoreland nature park
Aug 24 - Backyard play
Aug 25 - Zoo
Aug 28 - Science experiments
Aug 29 - Park play then lunch
Aug 30 - Backyard play

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